Thursday, April 3, 2008

Personal Writing

Side Note: This is something I wrote outside of school. It is meant to be written in a sort of children's story book kind of style. It is a personal writing, one in which I still am not done working on, it's not near perfect, but it has gotten pretty good feed back from those who have already read it, or heard about it. So go easy on it, please.

Love left her. Took all he could, conquered her completely. He was made her life, with no regrets from her. Love was worth it. Making Love happy was worth it. But Love just can’t last in high school. Can it last ever?

Then Lust came along. She wanted him to pick up the broken pieces of her mind, body, soul, Heart. But Lust is a shape-shifter; he likes the thrill of changing roles. She was an opportunity for Lust to play his game, practice his ways.

Being used and left confused by Love and Lust, she wondered where was Trust.

Well Trust was in waiting. Waiting in love with her. That was the one thing she could count on. Trust would always love her. But she couldn’t bring herself to feel the same. It wasn’t there, and how she could have killed for it to be.

Of course Distance had to throw in his two cents along with the rest. Distance was new, Distance was exciting, but still safer than Lust. But Distance was just that…distant. Too distant for her to even hope to embrace.

Knowledge was the rock. Knowledge knew her in and out and she knew him just as well. Knowledge told her what to do. Forget them, forget all of them they’re just too much for you right now. Let Heart settle, breathe, figure herself out.

But Heart had other plans. Heart was getting in the way of Mind and Knowledge. Their careful plans, their smart decisions we’re all unfitting to Heart. Heart wanted company. Heart was in love with being in love. But Heart couldn’t see that Love wasn’t in love with her anymore, and Lust never would be, and Distance never could be and she was too fickle for Trust.

So with Heart messing about and messing up, Girl was left alone. Dreaming that Heart would let Mind and Knowledge smarten her up and that Mind and Knowledge would soften up, let Heart explain. And she wanted all of them to understand, to help her out, to tell her what to do and let her do it. But the answer was always the same; there was too much involved to harmonize. Something had to give. And how she didn’t want it to be Heart. Something had to make a big move, and fast, or Heart would be the first to go.

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Janelle C. 5 said...

I chose to included this into my protfolio because we needed a personal writing example, and this was the only one I posted. Also I like the fact that I am documenting where this is at this time, because this is something I want to continue working on and perfect so it's good to have it's foundation up.